Investment Consultant Selection

A complete service to assist pension schemes select an investment consultant.

The service includes:

  • help in establishing the trustee requirements of their investment consultant
  • access to the in-depth research of IC Select
  • scheme specific due diligence
  • documentation of the full selection process
  • and management of the selection process

Each trustee board will have different requirements of their investment consultant. These requirements will depend on factors such as the strength of the sponsor, the scheme size, the investment expertise of the trustees and the complexity of the investment structure.

The investment consultancy market is becoming increasingly complex as traditional consultants widen their service offering and new entrants challenge the traditional market leaders. As a result there are now significant differences in the structure of consulting firms, their advice and the investment models they use to underpin that advice.

IC Select assists trustee boards to define their investment consultancy needs and then match these with the most appropriate and cost effective provider.

The investment consultant selection process: