All our services are underpinned by the same rigorous research and monitoring analysis. We conduct frequent and regular meetings with investment consultants to enable us to arrive at qualitative judgements with regard to the stability of the firm, the investment research capability and the organisation. We combine this assessment with a systematic and regular questionnaire process to identify any potential issues at an early stage.

Fiduciary Manager Selection

To conduct a Fiduciary Management selection exercise with the right level of due diligence across providers requires a significant commitment of time and resource from trustees. Based on IC Select's own research work it estimates that it takes in excess of 80 hours desk based research plus a number of meetings to complete the due diligence on each fiduciary manager. This is time that trustees need to spend but don’t have the capacity to do so.

Investment Consultant Selection

A complete service to assist pension schemes select an investment consultant.  The service includes:

  • help in establishing the trustee requirements of their investment consultant,
  • access to the in-depth research of IC Select,
  • scheme specific due diligence,
  • documentation of the full selection process
  • and management of the selection process

Investment Consultant Oversight

The Investment Consultant Informer is a regular report that enables trustees to monitor and review their investment consultant.  The report ensures that governance of your investment consultant is of a similar standard to that of your fund managers.

Fiduciary Management Oversight

Why should trustees be concerned about oversight of their fiduciary manager?

The Pensions Regulator makes very clear that trustees are ultimately accountable for all decisions made in relation to the appointment and monitoring of the Scheme's fiduciary manager. It emphasises the need to have processes in place to monitor the actions of these advisers including a process to 'regularly evaluate their performance and service'.

Trustees should also ensure that all their advisers and providers have adequate arrangements in place for disclosing and managing conflicts of interest.

What are trustees really accountable for in a fiduciary management relationship?

The Pensions Act 2004 states that trustees are accountable for all aspects of the Scheme including investment of the assets and maintenance of the funding ratio as agreed with a Scheme's sponsor. It is essential that prior to and once implemented all roles adopted by the trustees, fiduciary manager, custodian and other advisers are clear.

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