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IC Select’s Strategic Investment Objective Webinar

This webinar presentation below looks at the importance of addressing Strategic Investment Objectives in the wake of Covid-19 and in line with the CMA Order which required DB trustees from 10th December 2019  to set clear objectives for their investment advisers, whether an investment consultant or fiduciary manager. We have split the recording into two parts i.e. the introduction and presentation, then the Q & A.

Introduction and Presentation  




Covid-19 has put funding and covenant under pressure although it is something trustees can do little to influence. Therefore it becomes even more important to get the most from your investments and having clear and effective strategic investment objectives is an essential element in achieving this.

In addition, The Pensions Regulator’s guidance says trustees should be reviewing their current investment and governance arrangements to ensure they remain appropriate to enable decisions to be made quickly.

TPR’s guidance recommends that schemes:

• State objectives that take account of the scope of investment services offered
• Use balanced scorecards to evaluate investment advice
• Understand that it is against the spirit of the order for investment consultants or fiduciary managers to set and measure their own objectives

What should these objectives look like, how will they be measured, how often and what happens next?

What You’ll Learn

• Regulatory background to the order to set and assess clear strategic investment objectives
• How this will work, for example the balanced scorecard, measurement and assessment process and the benefits for trustee boards
• How to ensure that all objectives are Relevant, Achievable, and Measurable


Suitable for – Defined Benefit (DB) pension scheme trustees, chairs, sponsors and other stakeholders