21st Transparency Task Symposium

Donny Hay of IC Select, and other industry professionals, comment upon the CMA Provisional Decision Report at The 21st Transparency Task Symposium in London on 26 July 2018.

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Press Release: CMA Report Response

CMA Report marks turning point in drive for transparency and good governance


London, 18th July 2018  – Advisory firm IC Select welcomes the CMA provisional decision report and support the decision not to split up the investment consultants which we felt would have been detrimental to the investment services that many pension funds receive from them.

Peter Dorward, Managing Director, IC Select, commented: “Overall we believe the report and the process of discussion with the industry has changed attitudes towards transparency for the better by investment consultants and fiduciary managers. The remedies proposed will ensure that as the process moves forward from here, these transparency gains are not lost”.

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